Access unique opportunities to boost your portfolio

We have put together the very best in blockchain, crowdfunding and real estate investment, all on one single platform.

Designed to be simple

Our unique combination of technology and concept delivers the simplicity of internet transactions into investment-grade products to truly democratise real estate investment.

Built-in transparency

Our platform was built on the premise that transparency is an absolute must that won't be fiddled with. Clear and concise documentation and financial data keep track of each project's progress.

The best way to a diversified portfolio

We let you access a range of investment opportunities, tailor-made to be relevant and match your investor profile and listed by risk/reward ratio.

The Platform

Taking Real Estate to the next level

To participate you must own a EuroReale token, EuroReale tokens are tethered to the Euro and bitReale acts as the custodian to the reserve funds for your protection. EuroReale tokens are exchanged for Project tokens for each investment launch. This allow bitReale to control and subsequently adjust the supply of tokens, hence avoiding speculative trading. We are taking our first steps, but we have a future firmly in mind that will allow for direct deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

Low Fees

We believe that low fees are essential to better performing portfolios. We charge no maintenance fee, very little relay fees. Moreover, our fees are indexed to the success of the projects and/or final performance.


Our relay and partner exchanges are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can trade your positions at any time that suits you.

Asset Backed

Our tokens are either backed by reserve funds that are regularly audited (EuroReale tokens), or tangible assets in the form of Real Estate (Project tokens). Our project tokens are the bridge linking the digital ownership to the physical asset.


Not only do we obviously strictly comply with all applicable current data regulations, but we strive to bring into being a privacy minded platform that is accessible to all. We encrypt all your data with the goal to ensure unparalleled protection.
Our Tokens

Opportunity Types

In order to maximise simplicity, we identify our opportunities in three straightforward categories:


Short Term
  • Buy & Sell
  • High risk/reward
  • Optional: Refurbishment


Short/Mid Term
  • Buy, Develop & Sell
  • Medium risk/reward
  • Optional: Leverage


Long Term
  • Buy & Hold
  • Low risk/reward
  • Great stability

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